About the project

The project is a cornerstone in the development of the new Gellerup Masterplan in the city of Aarhus. The neighborhood is to be developed into a more inviting area with larger diversity in terms of functionality, a better infrastructure and a better and larger connection to the rest of Aarhus City.

By merging both public and private functionalities throughout the building makes it possible for the public to use parts of the building during both day and evening.

Creating a Democratic building ensures that the building is not only located in Gellerup but also contributes to the neighborhood and the city of Aarhus.

The project includes 950 employees from the Municipality of Aarhus and 50 employees from the local police department/23.000m² office building with approximately 1.500m2 outward-oriented functionalities, and 12.500m² multi-storey car park. The project will be constructed in 2016-2018 and one of the first buildings to open in the new Masterplan. The new building will be an icon that sets the standard for the revitalized Gellerup area.

The masterplan

The Masterplan for Gellerup is a result of the political desire to reform a troubled neighborhood into a natural part of Aarhus, containing the same elements that are to be found in an urban context – a better infrastructure, a larger diversity in terms of functionality and population – the perception of a more authentic street scene than present in the area today.

 Ongoing projects in the area is;

  • New infrastructure
  • New kindergarden and school
  • New office building and youth college
  • New urban park
  • Instant City (temporary development project)
  • Civic centre


The project group behind the scenes is a larger group of enthusiastic players, as the constellation of the project is an OPS project. The winning team of the assignment are not only to design and plan the building, but also to construct and maintain the maintenance of the building in the following 15 years after completion.

An OPS contest makes it possible to create architecture in a highly integrated process where esthetics, engineering, construction, maintenance and overall economy ensures a more holistic result where decisions are made as a team expounded by all players.

 The project team consists of;

Client: Aarhus Kommune
OPS-supplier: A. Enggaard A/S
Contractor: A. Enggaard A/S
Managing contractor: A. Enggaard A/S  / Caverion
Architect:  Arkitema Architects
Engineer: Niras
Landscape: Arkitema Urban Design
Developing Entrepreneurship; Hauxner, GivRum