Social sustainability

Highly desirable office spaces have been of big importance throughout the entire project, both in terms of acoustics, daylight, temperature, user behavior etc., why all workstations are ensured high quality indoor climate.

The embracing architecture that invites you to interact with both the building and the surrounding landscape throughout the day and week has been of high priority.

Also the concept ”Made in Gellerup” is a result of the large focus on social sustainability, as these areas will contribute to a more dynamic and diverse neighborhood.

 The focus also concerns job activation during planning, construction and in the following maintenance, where relevant jobs are to be handled by former unemployed through job courses and activation projects.

Environmental sustainability

Reuse is a subject in a lot of matters in the building design – rainwater harvesting to be used in toilets and for watering, reuse of materials for flooring, wooden surfaces, brick walls, furniture etc.

Besides reuse the building is energy optimized to use only a small amount of energy/sqm/year which among other initiatives have been achieved through the introduction of Solar cells and Solar panels.

Economic sustainability

Both overall economy and overall value has been a subject throughout the project, where decisions are based on large knowledge of planning, construction and maintenance, which makes sustainable, affordable and reasonable solutions possible.

The building is furthermore designed with technical solutions and materials ensuring a longer lifespan, as flexibility and beautiful materials is leading focuses in all decisions.