The project is a cornerstone in the development of the new Gellerup Masterplan in the city of Aarhus. The neighborhood is to be developed into a more inviting area with larger diversity in terms of functionality and population, a better infrastructure and a better and larger connection to the rest of Aarhus City.

By merging both public and private functionalities throughout the building makes it possible for the public to use parts of the building during both day and evening.

Creating a Democratic building ensures that the building is not only located in Gellerup but also contributes to the neighborhood and the city of Aarhus.


The architectural concept of the building emphasizes the intention of creating a Democratic building by ensuring interactions between the employees in the office spaces and the daily public users of the building.

Not only will it be possible for the visitor to enjoy the urban features such as the café, restaurant, the coffee roaster, Rooftop Lounge or gardens but also to be a part of the central meeting space – the heart of the building.

The Ground floor is designed as a roofed urban space with tactile materials, such as tiles and wooden surfaces, to ensure the users perception of a both friendly
and open house.

The welcoming feeling will be emphasized by the inviting interior that leads you further up in the building and unveils the beautiful view over Gellerup and Aarhus Bay in the Roof Top Lounge, standing at 24 meters above ground.


Highly desirable work spaces is of big importance, both in terms of acoustics, daylight, temperature, user behavior etc., why all workstations are ensured high quality indoor climate. Environmental awareness infuses the project, where social, economic and environmental sustainability ensures the right balance between all the different choices to be made.

Due to the contribution to the Masterplan the main focus has been social sustainability regarding an embracing architecture and initiatives for re-training unemployed.